What is the Forgive and Live Campaign

The Forgive and Live Campaign is a movement to promote freedom through forgiveness.  It is a call to action to inspire individuals, families, communities, and entities around the world to reconcile and come together.  Key elements of the campaign are:


How will The Forgive and Live Campaign be rolled out?

The Forgive and Live Campaign’s objective is to campaign at every level.  This includes:

Grassroots Campaigning: Singing and sharing the message of forgiveness at Subway Stations, Cafés, Parks, Street Corners, Town Hall Meetings, Office Functions, Prayer Meetings, etc.

Forgiveness Concerts/Rallies: Hosted events with live performances that extend across various creative art forms (e.g.  music, speakers, dance, spoken word,  visual arts, etc).  These concert/rallies will be powerful sessions themed around forgiveness, freedom, and victory.

TV/Radio: Promote awareness through partnerships with networks that will help raise acts of forgiveness in their cities of influence.

When will the Forgive and Live Campaign be launched?

The Official Forgive and Live Today Kick-Off Event and Celebration: July 10, 2011 marked the Official Kick-Off Event to celebrate the start of our race to raising One Million Acts of Forgiveness. The event was held at: Jericho City of Praise (Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Sr.) in Landover, MD with more than 7,000 people in attendance. This telethon-style launch event, which featured more than one dozen performers, including Kevin LeVar and the incomporable CeCe Winans Together, we celebrated freedom through forgiveness across various creative forms: music, spoken word, dance, shared testimonies, and more.

Now, it is your turn to join with artists, authors, speakers, dancers, doctors, pastors, media, counselors, elected officials, students, athletes, business leaders, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters from around the country as the Campaign embarks on a race that will take us through all 50 U.S. states. Celebrate true independence which comes from being free from hurt, bitterness, and pain.

Pledge to live a life full of hope and choose to live free.

Where will The Forgive and Live Campaign Events be held?

The Forgive and Live Campaign will set out to hit the “Campaign Trail” and travel city-to-city as well as country-to-country.  We commit to travel to every state in the U.S. and to as many countries that will embrace us.  Events will be held in various venues (schools, churches, theaters, parks, town halls, etc) supported by sponsors, artists, ministries, officials, media, and volunteers in each of the local cities.

If you would like to host an event, contact us.