To achieve such an aggressive target of inspiring 1 Million Acts of Forgiveness, The Forgiveness Campaign will need your support.  There are many ways to help.  Here are some examples:

Spread The Word
Word of mouth is still one of the most effective means to gaining widespread visibility and awareness.  Ways to spread the word:

  • Talk to friends, family, and others in your social network about The Forgiveness Campaign
  • Post information in church announcements, school bulletins, company newsletters, etc.
  • Place links to on your internet pages
  • Mention The Forgiveness Campaign at concerts, broadcasts, meetings, and other gatherings that you lead and/or attend
  • Share the song “A Heart That Forgives” with someone and tell them where they can find information about the campaign and upcoming forgiveness rallies

Host A Forgiveness Rally
The Forgiveness Campaign aspires to reach as many cities and communities as possible.  To do so, we will need hosts in each location we visit.  Invite us to your venue, your conferences, your towns, etc.

Every large scale initiative has big-ticket items that depend on generous donations and sponsorships.  You can help by donating your skills, services, facilities, finances, and/or time toward campaign activities. These gifts are put towards marketing, promotions, tour support, event production, workshop materials and more.

Contact Us
If you are interested in discussing ways to help and support The Forgiveness Campaign, please visit our contact us page. You can also reach us via phone on 1-877-52-GLORY (45679).