Forgiveness Testimonies

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I forgive my husband, for all the times he has committed adultery and I also forgive the women he has committed adultery with. I pray that God will send them their own husband and that my husband will realize what he has at home.

JGH, East Orange, NJ
East Orange

I know I am not perfect. It's hard to say this but I forgive my family for the wrong they have done. Because I know if I hold on to the past it wouldn't do any good

VG, Bronx, NY
Bronx NY

Forgiving People Who Mistreat Me for the Sake of Others

Those people who would rather please people than God are forgiven. The people who rant and rave about how the love of God is in them but mistreat their fellow man at the same time. If there is anyone out there that feel or have felt mistreated by a Christian in any way, please forgive us. We truly would rather love than hate. That is truly too heavy on the heart to carry.

GK, Memphis, TN
Memphis, TN

Totally Free

I was 16-17 years old when my father cheated on my mom and when I entered into a verbal abusive relationship with someone who I thought was for me. For years I have dealt with the pain from the past and even though it still hurts, I refuse to go into 2015 with unforgiviness. I recently made a decision to totally forgive those who have hurt me including my Dad. To be honest I can't even cry about it anymore. I am depending on the holy spirit to walk me into emotional healing because I now realize that Forgiveness is essential in the kingdom of God and that Forgiveness is not for the person who hurt me but FORGIVENESS IS FOR ME. thanks u Jesus. God Bless you Kevin Levar

Chicago, IL

I Forgive Myself

I Forgive myself for procrastinating and not being ready for opportunities that could have helped others.

Lanham, MD

I forgive

I forgive

Lanham, MD

I left a ministry about 4 years ago.The Pastor was so controlling and manipulative. To make a long story short, my son is still there. He is grown but because I left, he is being told that he should have nothing to do with me because I am out of the will of God. He (the pastor) has damaged me and my family, yet I am healed today. I'm an Elder at another church. Today, I forgive him! Thank you Kevin for having the program last night. It changed my heart.

VS, Landover, MD

I have forgiven someone who very recently hurt me in a relationship.

DM, Silver Spring, MD

I forgive those who is trying to come against my pastor.

V, Landover, MD

Forgiving my Biological Mother ...

C, Washington, DC

After attending the Forgive and Live campaign kick off event. I was able to forgive several ppl who had hurt me in my passed and recently. I have always try to show the God kind of love to everyone. I'm a person who always seems to forgive but go back to the same situation. But to day and forgive and live. I say good-bye to all the hurt and pain. And will allow God to use me in my journey. But, Kevin Levar I just want to say thank you so much. Because I now can walk with my head up. But, I had been use so much by men, always being the giver. But, today I will only give to my man of God that he will send one day. Thanks

CM, Nwark DE

Had to forgive a long time (male) friend today, very close to marriage...just didn't work out because of my personal inner struggles as well as some gray areas on his end. But God gave me strength to face him today after 3 years of silence (even though he reached out to me first). He's married now, but I still felt peace and strength to have a good conversation. Wanted to share this testimony...I asked for forgiveness and I forgave him and I feel good. (even though it did hurt a little bit)...Thank you for this campaign. I choose to Forgive and Live!

CS, Oklahoma City, OK

I forgave an old friend. I sent her a message saying happy birthday! She was surprised that I sent her that being that we ended on bad terms.

V, Upper Marlboro, MD

Forgive my husband from the hurts of the past... moving on to freedom to love unconditionally!!!

LS, Greenville, SC

The kick-off event on July 10th was awesome and very powerful. As a result, the Lord began to minister to me about specific people that I needed to forgive. Therefore,on Monday I started off with myself, God,husband and son; and then later my youngest brother. On Tuesday, I forgave my other brother and then ministered that evening to three of my girlfriends...which I shared the web site and CD. I have one other to do and I will share with you within the day. Keep up doing what you're doing...because God is certainly up to something great.. which will be revealed in those who through obedience, let it go and forgive. Be blessed...

AS, Glenn Dale, MD

I forgave a church leader...wonderful..I also shared your song in a class that I taught and walked students through steps of forgiveness. Encouraged them to visit your website and record their acts of forgiveness. To God be the glory!

AS, Glenn Dale, MD

My husband just left me & has never come back home due to alcohol addiction & his family. I chose to forgive him in my heart.

EP, Bronx, NY

July 14, 2011 I was on vacation with my 13 year old daughter and friends. I was at the hotel packing to leave when one of the ladies began to play this song "A Heart That Forgives" by Kevin LeVar. Immediately, I began to purge in the bathroom toilet profusely. I allowed the hurt that people put me through all of my life to set up hatred on the inside and it was eating me alive. I am a good person and just could not understand why people deliberately desired to hurt me from being married to a cheating Pastor and church hurt to raising a beautiful daughter alone. I could not understand why God still allow cheating Pastors to get up and preach the word over his people without punishment. I seem to be the one being punished. Then I ended up going to two other churches where the Pastor cheated on their wives. Now I don't attend any churches. I was confused. When I heard this song, it was the genuine, silent cry of my heart. This purging is the beginning of deliverance,freedom, and life for me and my daughter.

MM, Jackson, MS

I have been sexually and verbally abused. I choose to forgive, to free my heart to love and forgive others as God loves and has forgiven me.


My act of forgiveness is to my dad. I blamed him for alot of things that had happened to me and how he acted like I didn't even exist. I was molested by my best friend's oldest brother, and told my parents about it but they didn't believe me and said that I was just trying to get attention. I was 9 when that happened and was forced to continue to go to this person's home everyday after school. As I got older, I became more and more numb to dealing with the situation. It robbed me of my innocence, my understanding of people and most of all, it thwarted my understanding of God. Because of this, I have gone in and out of relationship to relationship, not knowing how to communicate with men or even expressing how I felt to them. I had 16 abortions in my entire life trying to give mys! elf to someone who I thought loved me, not knowing what this did to me internally. When my younger brother died in 1995, this devastated him and I was no longer a forethought. As far as he was concerned, I didn't even exist. I forgive my dad for not loving me enough, protecting and validating me enough and getting to know me so that I can know who I am as a person. Recently, I have been in contact with my dad and he says he wants me to visit him in Ft. Worth, Texas. I truly believe this is my open door, my opportunity to close this long awaited moment for my life so that I can move forward and live. I forgive him even if I don't receive the answers that I need because I know that my validation no longer comes from man, but directly from God.

PD Oxon Hill, MD